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She just left for her date!!! (true & ongoing) -

She called me today and told me she had a date tonight with her boyfriend, and I was toget home from work and get some things ready. I got home and laid out her

Top 10 Best Melee Weapons For Killing Zombies - 401AK47

We’ve all imagined ourselves in the zombie apocalypse, surrounded by a horde of zombies.Through this visual tension, however, we remain calm…our katana

Get Rid of Your Eyelid Twitch - FeelGooder: Tips for Life

If muscles are to blame, self massage will take care of it. If it doesn’t, check withyour doctor to rule out anything more serious. A trigger point is like a hot

How to Record Live TV When You Don't Have Cable

That’s a lot of money for DVR, along with a bunch of channels you probably never watch,but like we said, you’ve got options. No matter what you go with the basic

Lyft Is Now Developing Self-Driving Tech Of Its Own

Lyft has been trying to gain momentum on the incessant slip-ups of its main competitorUber, and this week it took another step to gain some ground: The company says

Please Stop Fighting Mercedes-Benzes -

You take great pride in your Mercedes-Benz. So much so that when you see anotherMercedes-Benz on the road, you are filled with rage and jealousy. This is not the way

How to Handle Personal Feedback During a Performance Review

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re not sure what you’regoing to hear from your boss. And if your manager has feedback for you that